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Josh Halu, Founder and CEO of The Psychedelic Exchange, is a dynamic leader committed to revolutionizing mental health care through the innovative use of psychedelic therapies. His background, steeped in military leadership from his time at West Point and as an Army Officer, fuels his dedication to a critical mission: bringing the number of veteran suicides down to zero. With his deep understanding of mental illnesses, including trauma, depression, and PTSD, as well as the unique challenges faced by veterans, Josh is pioneering new approaches in mental health care. He strives to transform the landscape of treatment and support for all, while destigmatizing the use of psychedelic medicines for mental wellness.

His work in this field positions him as a key figure at the forefront of combining veteran care with groundbreaking therapeutic practices.

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We invite you to explore the world of PsycheX, where healing minds and building futures go hand in hand. Whether you are a veteran seeking support, a therapist looking to join our network, or someone who wishes to learn more about psychedelic therapies, PsycheX welcomes you.